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About 23 House...

In 1998, many years ago, a small publishing house was born to the singing of angels. The founders decided to buck corporate America and the publishing giants of New York, and create a different kind of publishing house. The company offices in a historic 1861 building , far off the beaten path, that was originally the home of Frank Stilley, a merchant and cotton broker. Not everyone associated with 23 House has an office there, however.
Most arenít in the same city , and arenít necessarily in the same state , although everyone is in the same country , and definitely on the same planet (well, at least weíre fairly certain about that. Thereís one guy that weíre keeping a pretty close eye on). Everyone is networked by phone and email, which provides constant contact, while allowing everyone to do their work from their kitchen, a park bench, or beside a waterfall in the mountains while keeping flexible hours. Yes, the 23 House folks are pretty much the happiest people in the universe. And if you'll allow a little bragging, it shows in our books. After production is complete, the books are printed right here in the good olí U.S. of A. on 60# paper with 12 pt, full color, perfect bound covers. The book inventory is warehoused exactly 10.5 city blocks away from the main offices, which is a little inconvenient but the books are safer and happier in a modern structure rather than some place built in the 1800s, even if it is cool & historic.
Well, that's our story so far, but stay tuned... the publishing world is changing by the hour, and we can hardly wait to see what happens next!

Meet Our Featured Authors:

Skip Torrans, author of A History of the Metal Lawn Chair...

Lawn chair historian and furniture maker Louis "Skip" Torrans wrote an incredibly interesting book on the history of the metal lawn chair. Everyone remembers them from their youth, and they're now back in fashion. With this book you'll be able to tell a Warmack from a Flanders and a shell-back from a bouncer. Skip was recently interviewed by Men's Journal, so click on this link to read the entire article.

Skip Torrans' book featured on
the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Amy Matsumoto, author of Haunted Galveston...

A Texas native, Amy Matsumoto has been enamored with the intersection of writing and storytelling from as far back as her pre-literate years. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Amy lived for a spell in Los Angeles where she began her journey as an educator in Compton, California. Amy has since worked in a variety of challenging school settings in Texas and hopes to continue that journey overseas.

Vinnie Penn, author of DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead...

Vinnie Penn is a disc jockey, talk show host and and stand-up comedian. He hosts the talk radio show The Vinnie Penn Project, and is a regular contributor to and has also written on-line for Maxim and Cracked. He has appeared on The Howard Stern Show and VH1ís Best Week Ever, and lives in New Haven, CT. When it comes to fiction, however, Vinnie has a dark side, as shown in his latest book DJ Zom-B and The Ungrateful Dead, a zombie thriller that has a ruckus, rock-n-roll writing style that moves the story along at the pace of an AC/DC concert. Visit him at

Tami Rasel, author of Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide weaves tales of the supernatural world...

Tami owns and operates her own tourist business in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and also speaks to groups about history and the supernatural. She has educated and enchanted her audiences for over a decade with stories and folklore of the battle that occurred over 145 years ago. Tami is the author of the book Spirits of Gettysburg, Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide. She has also been published in newspapers and national magazines such as The Civil War Courier. In 2009, Tami won 1st place in the fiction category of the Bob Hoffman Writing Contest at York College and took 3rd place on Scholar's Day for her presentation Hindsight of Public Education - The One Room School House. Currently Tami Rasel lives in Hanover Pennsylvania along with her husband, Jeff, two of her three children, and her yellow lab, Sadie.

Poet of the Pines Milton Watts signs books and discusses life...

Milton Watts has used time not needed by his business on Lake Oí The Pines in East Texas to create a collection of poetry, short stories and essays that not only chronicles one manís life, but preserves eight decades of East Texas history. Using humor, wit and unabashed honesty he describes his many roles through the years as a soldier, a cowboy, a businessman, a family man, a raconteur and a poet. His unguarded, eclectic style seldom fails to hit its target as he narrates the highs and lows experienced during his long and active life. Click here or on the photo to visit The Poet of the Pines website.

Author Mitchel Whitington speaking to a group on ghosts and the supernatural...

Mitchel speaks to writers around the country, at regional meetings and national conferences. With a lifelong interest in the supernatural, he weaves tales of the places that he's visited and the spirits that he has encountered.

Author S. Renee Lederman giving a talk about her book Mirror Tales: Voices From Women Around the World and Signing Copies for the Crowd...

Renee's book Mirror Tales is a collection of personal journeys reflecting the self image of women from various countries, backgrounds, and ages. Each story is accompanied by an inspirational quote to compel self analysis, empowerment, and promote healing! The ultimate goal of Mirror Tales is for the reader to absorb these stories and allow the healing and empowerment of each journey to fill his/her own soul. Click here or on the photo to visit Ms. Lederman's website.

Author Suzie Wilson shows women how to create a professional look that reflects their own personal style, as featured in her book, Wow! Suzie Wilson Takes You From Wilted To Wonderful.

She saw first hand the importance of first impression as a professional interviewer for large law firms and corporations. So, after 10 years she changed sides and began helping individuals figure out the image problems that were holding them back. Suzie makes sure that you match the image you want to project. Click here or on the photo to visit Suzie's website.

23 House Senior Editor Mitchel Whitington at Shreveport's Author! Author! event

Authors from all over the south come to Shreveport, Louisiana every June to attend Author! Author!, a showcase of talent of the written word.

Joining Forces:
Senior Editor from 23 House and Acquisitions Editor from Atriad Press at Book Expo America in Chicago

Book Expo America is the country's largest publisher trade show, and a representative from 23 House was there for the colossal event.

23 House authors signing books at
the Abilene Writer's Guild Conference...

(L to R) - Denise Vitola, world-renowned Sci-Fi author, and Special Guest Contributor to the Anthology series; Ronald Wayne Jones, Sci-Fi and Fantasy author of Black Breath of the Lutron and The Dwarf and the Demon Tongue; Pat Haley, mystery writer and author of Blood Rose; and Mitchel Whitington, author of The Art of the Press Kit and The Four-Prong Approach to Book Marketing.

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